Pad on Snare Damage?


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Is there any downside to putting your practice pad on top of the snare? Most of the pads are pretty heavy particle board. Can it cause any damage to the head or bearing edges? Thanks.


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I don't see any problem with it. Most pads will not allow the snares to react to the hits very well. This makes practicing buzz rolls a drag. The Sabian Quiet Tone is the only pad that I found that is made to sit on the drum AND allows for great snare response.



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They are worth every penny. I have a few in my teaching studio. See pic.

I've got one on order from a local ma-pop music store. I'd never seen these until JoJo's DVD but they are the first "pad" I've seen that also allow for the tight, crispy gut snare sound you get with a marching snare. There's no harm in practicing sticking on anything, but when you can add the right sound to the sticking, it adds another great dimension to practicing.


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Maybe I'm cheesy and get too much enjoyment out of lame puns, but I found this hilarious. "pardon the cheese, but this buzz roll became a real drag"...ha ha ha
*sigh* unfortunately this is the only community that will catch that.

but yeah i caught that when i read it the first time and lol'd to myself.