Overuse of the term "Jazz"

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I may be crazy here, but in my mind the term "jazz" is grossly overused. Too many times I here people define their music as being "jazzy this" or "jazzy that" without any real association to the genre. For example, a student band on campus defines their music as jazzy folk. I hear nothing but a poorly shuffled rock tune in 3/4.

Just because your music may incorporate imperfect timing or strange chords does that mean you are incorporating jazz? And if so, how much influence is necessary? When Jazz and Rock are fused correctly, we see a new genre emerge called...wait for it.... Fusion. When mixed to varying degrees we may see blues or rockabilly come out of the waters.

When defining your music I believe it's important to do real research into what your sound actually is. What some guys may call jazzy is actually a blues groove or a Purdie Shuffle.

I don't know, it's probably nothing. But after playing the genre myself for so long it almost insults me when an obvious non-jazz musician plays what is obviously not jazz calls it jazzy.

And this can apply to all genres really, not just jazz. I understand that there are several discrepancies in regards to defining a band's sound.

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