OT: Clark Terry Dead, Age 94


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Clark was one of the great ones that's for sure. I have always liked the trumpet. I have always liked his playing.

Matt Bo Eder

RIP Mr. Terry. He's said an awful lot in his 94 years!


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I just watched Keep on Keeping On, a documentary about Clark Terry. It was amazing to see how music kept him going. As he was in the hospital room, he would have young students at his bedside - mentoring them the whole time. As he went for treatments, he would be talking about jazz licks and history - listening to Clifford Brown.

There are also clips on Youtube of him critiquing young jazz musicians. His love of music was just as strong as his dedication to the next generation of jazz students. He will be missed.



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Saw him 35 years ago at a high school jazz festival. I didn't know who he was going in. Sure knew him after.


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WKCR in NYC has been playing two days worth of Clark's music and performances.

I feel lucky to have experienced his "magic" a few times live.