orange county maple snare



A better question is why it is called Orange County when the drum was made in China. Do they have an Orange County in China? Not to my knowledge.

Maybe China now owns California, in which case the Orange County name would be perfectly valid, but that would sure anger lots of Californians.

If you buy that drum, you will have contributed to California losing its grip to China.

(Nothing bad about China, don't get me wrong. It's just that the US is now facing economic hardship because we let China make all of our stuff.)


How far do you take it though. I understand what you are saying. All of DW's hardware is made in china. Does that mean everyone stops buying DW. Lots of guys on here love Tama, Pearl, Yamaha. What about them. It is a real murky mess. I guess we should all be buying custom drums locally, from people that buy all there hardware from someone in our own countries. That sounds really expensive.


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I thought those were made in Taiwan... oh well.

The OCDP import line is largely a GC brand now. My experiences with their drums, which has exclusively been in stores with the exception of two snares, has been quite favorable. They are well made and sound good. If you like the drum, buy it. If not, someone else will.

As far as losing our grip on China, that's crap. My computer I'm typing on was probably mostly made overseas. I'm typing this while on an American plane, wearing a Canadian ring, Chinese underwear, shirt and pants made in Inida, and shoes made in Italy. My drums are Canadian, American, Japanese, and others. In a global economy you are not hurting anyone by buying an inexpensive good that could not be made in the USA for the price you are paying. No California jobs were lost in the production of that drum. You can still get a Cali-made OCDP snare, it will be 3-5x the price, though.

If you want that drum get it, hit it, and don't worry about who made it. That's my $0.02.


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I have a maple Verve 5x14 snare that looks to have the same hardware that OC snare has, lugs, rims, butt plate and strainer.

The drum I have sounds pretty good for a 99 dollar drum when I bought it and it even came with a gig bag.


I thought those were made in Taiwan... oh well.
Taiwan, Republic of China.

I am not here to argue. I am here to educate. Whether or not people learn, that is up to them.

Buy locally made musical instruments so that you are investing in your local musical future. Without your support, there will be no more local music for you.

It's your choice.