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Well well, this is a make or break deal here...

I've already made a thread about becoming a locally known drummer, and here it is, a tentative chance to start that climb.

Within school, I've gotten an offer from a guitarist who supposedly owns the space and equipment and has the time to record at least a demo to play drums on some tracks for said demo. It would be unpaid(after all, how could a high-schooler pay off anyone?), but the demo would be for getting gigs from venues up north, all part of this guy's grand scheme.

Here's what he claims to have:

  • Drums of an unknown brand and model
  • Full set of Z's
  • Mic's
  • Various other equipment used for recording

I've had experience with people I know a lot better than this guy backing out on me with things before, and I've decided to take the safe route this time. I've asked for pics of the set-up at the very least, and I said we'd jam before anything happens.

The thing is, what if this is a legitimate opportunity? What if I reject one of the things that could actually help me out with drumming in general?

Help please! ;__;


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What have you got to lose by checking it out? Take your own snare and cymbals (pedals too, if you wish).....and get into it.

If he turns out to be a dreamer, the only thing lost is your time. If he's remotely serious, who knows where it might lead? If you want to be a drummer......go and drum. No-one ever got experience or exposure in their bedrooms.

We're not playing for cattle stations here.......you're not giving up your life, you're giving up an afternoon and exploring possibilities. Do it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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Which of us are NOT dreamers? He will not be the LAST one of those you meet, and it just might work out. Go beat on the drums and enjoy it....


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I don't see what the issue is, honestly. Dude has access to gear and wants to get something going. As long as his taste in music aligns, more or less, with yours, can you really think of a reason not to check him out?

Whenever I'm looking for a new band/project, I scour the CL adds and other local online sources and end up checking out (via schlepping my gear to where ever) and jamming with them. Sometimes they have a good idea of what they're looking for, other times they're looking for a drummer to inspire them. Sometimes they even have a room with all the hardware to make decent demos.

There's no way to know ahead of time what any of it might be like, so you just have to make the time investment into finding out if some of these people are worth spending any more time on.

It's always worth it when you find something cool. And I wouldn't worry about the money angle just yet. From where it sounds like you're at, those concerns should be a ways off yet.