opinions wanted regarding different types of brass


"Uncle Larry"
Hey all,
You know how, regarding snare drums, there's shiny brass and the darker brass? I've played shiny brass snares with a noticeable welded seam and it sounded great. I have a nickel coated Black Beauty where the brass on the inside is not shiny at all. Anyone have any opinions as to whether there's any noticeable differences in the character of the tone between the two "types" of brass?


Part of it may be that a lot of snare drums that people think are brass shells are actually bronze shells too.

It is documented that Ludwig made Black Beauties with bronze and brass.

Then there have been copper shells added to the mix in the past few years too.

Then there is the shell construction style, one-piece rolled versus welded seams.

And last some of these have the rolled over flange for the bearing edge and some like the Dunnetts don't.