Opinions on drum shipping?


I'm sorry if this topic is in the wrong place or doesn't belong here, but I was wanting to get some opinions on shipping a drum.

If you have a drum and a fitting hardshell case for it, would you still pack the drum and case inside of a larger box (kind of like double bagging it), or would you use plastic straps to secure the case shut and ship it like that? In that case I believe it would make sense to bubble wrap the drum inside the case, and possibly bubble wrap/tape around the case itself as well.

I've actually had both before. Obviously I've gotten new drums/kits in factory boxes, but I bought a Iron Cobra Jr. pedal once that had a hard shell case and arrived FedEx with it secured shut for the trip and a tag with the shipping info on it.


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I would put it in a second box. I believe a drum hard shell case is still not as rigid as the case your bass drum pedal came with. A drum is also more fragile than a pedal.


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Bubble wrap inside case, absolutely no "shifting" room for the drum and it should be fine. I also like the idea of strapping and taping the case.
If you pack inside cardboard, it's going to travel the belt systems of whatever carrier you're using and hold a 50% greater chance of being smashed/crushed, etc.
Now, I could make an argument that if you really went nuts and packed the drum/case inside of something else, with added padding and protection (on top of inside the case), it is damage and fool-proof. However, you'll end up paying much more in shipping because of the dimensions.

The above is not opinion, I would say either way it'll be fine but the extra care isn't always best.


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The more the merrier. Drums are large light, weight boxes and tend to be thrown easily.