Open Handed Practice for RH on LH kit


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So, if you have an programmable electronic kit. Reprogramme one of the kits to have hihat on RH and RF and Ride LH and kick on LF.

This replicates a RH sitting at a LH kit.


A) well the two main drummers at my church are RH and LH drummers and if i ever have to take over there isn't the time to swap the kit over
B) swapping feet is just brilliant practice. It screws your mind to start with but is doable after a little practice. To make it sound good will take (for me) a hekka lot of practice.
C) the open handed approach is preferable to playing the kit cross-handed as a LH drummer would. For me this is so alien that I doubt I would ever do this live.

And it's just something a bit different to practice.



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I don't have an electronic kit, but I will sometimes (during practice, not in shows) use my left food on my slave pedal and go to open-handed and play parts of songs when I jam with my band. Like you, I see it as a challenge, and as a way to spice things up that have become boring after playing them a million times.

This has never benefited me as far as playing a left handed kit, but it has helped me come up with some cool fills and grooves using a left hand lead for sure.