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Hey everyone.
Usually I'm just one to lurk around, but I was wondering how much you guys participate, if at all, in stage banter in-between songs in your sets? I know lots of bands like to chat with the audience or crack jokes while guitarists are tuning and stuff, but how many of you fellow drummers ever take a crack at it? I'm curious.


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I used to count off the next song off just to cut the singer from talking too much as it was. LOL.


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I've played with some singers that yak entirely too much - people get ticked off when there is too much non-music time during a set. Also had issues with changing and tuning guitars between songs. And telling the patrons not to forget to tip the staff. Duh.


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I only enjoy hearing banter from big name bands because they (usually) understand how to talk coherently and in small amounts of times.

I hate doing any banter myself.


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Never, as well.

I've always left it to those with the mics, under the theory that if they wanna be front and centre then they should be a hell of a lot better at that stuff than me anyway.
Always been happy enough to share a giggle on stage with a band mate, but not really anything that's for the benefit of entertaining the audience.


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I was in a lounge band many years ago, where we had a regular gig, 6 nights a week, for a year. We were friendly with the regular crowd and got to know some of them pretty well. The singers would chat a bit with the audience, although not at the expense of them standing on the dance floor waiting for the next song. Timing was important, as was content, and the singers & guitar player had a really good sense of both.

But it really depends on the band, the audience, and the gig. Stammering or idle chit-chat or bad jokes or just talking to each other doesn't cut it, I'd rather hear nothing between songs.

I never have a mic, so I don't have to worry about saying anything clever or entertaining.


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I have no choice. Our singer is very chatty and when he needs a subject for a joke it's yours truly. It's rare in real life that I let him get away with taking the Mickey. He wants a reaction and I always oblige ... we are not very serious people :)


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Since I have done some singing in every band I have been in, I have done some banter. I always keep it short. Peace and goodwill.


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My band has one good joke on stage. It usually goes:

'And that's Duncan, on the drums. He's younger than the rest of us put together...'


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Once or twice something has gone wrong with say, the sound system, or losing the power entirely. Lucky enough, I know a lot of really good, extremely tasteful and hilariously funny jokes.

You can tell when they're real good because the whole room groans. I'm told it's a sign of respect.