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Hey everyone

I've been a pro online session drummer for just over 3 years now and am absolutely loving it.

However towards the end of last year it began to frustrate me more and more that drummers I knew (many much better than me) weren't getting work and were doing jobs they hated etc because they couldn't make drumming pay.

In order to do my bit and send some good karma out there, I've started a blog dedicated to helping drummers who are interested in the world of online session drumming. There are some videos, reports, advice on finding a studio, recording with bare minimum amounts of gear etc and also links to a free dvd which follows me round for a day and shows you what's involved etc

If you want to check it out its:

Would love to know your thoughts, feedback and if any of you are thinking of/already doing this stuff!

All the best,



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Dude I absolutely love your stuff- have to admit I've been following you for a while! Not in a stalker way obviously, just watching your vids and keeping up with the blog

Just started to get in to the recording for people thing from my home studio, but it's just been for friends so far as I don't have a website. Loved your video using 4 microphones - that's what I have so was good to see someone using that configuration!

Do you have any advice on where to get a website built? I don't need something really expensive like your one, just something basic to get me going.


Nick G.

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this is brilliant :)
even better as its pretty much the same mics i have (except i have s1a's)

some questions:

1. what is that plug in you used to add a sample to the snare ?
2. if doing session work for someone, would you mix it and send them a single file? or just the raw recorded files?

3. not really related but how do you and other people get the video and audio to match exactly? i just cant get them to line up!! :p

im sure ive got more but they've slipped my mind

Thanks for this!


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Hey Nick

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you.

Some answers:
1) Aptrigga. There are tons out there, I started using it a few years back and have found no reason to change! Drumagog is also a very popular choice

2) Whatever they need. You can charge them more for things that take longer e.g. bouncing all the individual mic channel .wavs etc, but I always offer everyone the choice.

3) What video software are you using? A nice trick is to click sticks a few times right at the start of the recording. Then when you've bounced the audio and you import it into your video software you can just line the transients in the waveform up with the corresponding ones in your camera's audio waveform. If your camera isn't recording audio, then you still have a nice visual guide to match up the sound of the sticks to. this is what clapperboards are used for in films ;-)

Hope that helps

Bo Eder

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Thanks so much for posting this! I'm half set-up already since I do a little DIY recording as it is. I will definitely attempt to expand on this since I'm not able to get out and play much anymore.