Online drum magazine - what say you?!


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Yes, i've seen iDrum before, i quite like it. I hadn't heard of drumhead, i'll be sure to check it out.

In all honesty the reason I posted was because I helped work on the magazine a little and wanted to see what some of you guys thought. I apologise for the spammy nature of the post though the mag is a non profit as I still, unfortunately, have a full time job. It was something I thought would be cool to do in my spare time. If anyone does have any comments/criticisms they're more than welcome :)


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Love the white Russian recipe at the end! My favorite drink!

The magazine is well done, and it's nice to see familiar names and faces, as well as those who I'm not familiar with. I enjoyed it and learned a few things. And isn't that the job of a publication... to entertain and inform?

Nice work, I look forward to issue #2!



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Thanks for the kind words :) Interviewing Mike Clark of "actual proof" fame for Issue 2 tomorrow which i'm sure is going to be interesting. I've been trying, with varying degrees of success, to brush up on my jazz and funk history! If anyone is interested in contributing any writing then feel free to get in touch too.