One slipped through the cracks!!!!


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So that thread? How do we flag it? The one with pictures of the sea? Bermuda? Arky? Guntersdad?? anyone? I clicked on it while at work!! I'm definitely s@#t scared I'm gonna get fired.


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I saw it within 10 minutes of being posted, and as I was deleting, another mod was doing the same and beat me to it.

There's usually one or more of us online, so it's rare that something stays on for long.

Also, there's software on the server side that identifies spam, and blocks it (the mods can see those posts.) That post obviously got past the roadblock.



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I know the admins here do an excellent job and everyone appreciates it. I just hope that anyone at my job didnt look over my shoulder haha. I honestly thought it was going to be pics of drums on a beach!