One of those mornings....


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Oh boy, man did I ever stink up the place. Okay, in the U.S, we're forced into Daylight Savings Time. Spring forward. Fall back. All that junk. Personally, I'd much rather the leadership leave it one way or the other, and stop screwing with it every 6 months, but that's just me.

So Sunday morning rolls around and I have a 7:30 call at the church for p and w band rehearsal. Good ole' alarm goes off at 6 am after we set the clocks forward 1 hour. We pile out of bed,and make it to the church on time. My wife teaches Pre-School SS, so she's with me to get her room ready.

The band begins to warm up and I'm feeling ok. Stoked because I get to play drum kit this past weekend and not percussion. (There are 3 drummers so we rotate on kit.)

We run through the first song and man am I ever rusty. Straight 4/4 but I feel rusty as a barn nail. Second song in 4/4 and I still am feelling out of sync. Thrid song is 6/8 and...and....and...I'm in trouble. I can't feel the beat even though I've played this song 20 times in the past and done well. Finally I aquire the beat and am steady in a groove. I do a couple fills and really screw up. I come back in and fail miserably. The lead player turns around and mouths and raises his hands to signal "6/8". Yep, I know, just muddying the waters in case you guys didn't know it was 6/8. I smile. He chuckles and nods.

So every song we play I'm like "oh s**t, I sound horrible!" I've never done LSD before, but I started to get those total paranoid thoughts where you believe everyone else in the band believes you suck and they are just being nice and letting you sit in. Then after the playing is over everyone calls each other to discuss how badly you sucked. (The only reason I didn't think I was on LSD is I didn't see any 50 foot purple and orange spiders climbing up my legs or the drum sticks didn't melt in my hands.)

Anyways....I'm chalking that up to Daylight Savings Time......


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I have had experiences like this. There is nothing you can do except next time go out and do your thing, and hope people forget.

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Man, that sounds like one rough start to your day. Sorry to hear that.

My band had a gig Sunday night. We did fine on the first two songs. The other drummer usually starts the songs. The 3rd song we were going to play was Soulshine, which has a nice tasty 4/4 beat to it, but this guy goes and starts it in a slow 6/8 blues beat. We start playing anyway with a WTF look on everybody's face. It took a few seconds to adjust, but we pulled it off without stopping. It was just a brain fart. Ya just gotta power through it.


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That sucks. I've been there myself.

Look at it this way though...think of how awesome you will be on the Sunday we turn our clocks back an hour!

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I have had that feeling, songs you have played with your eyes closed etc..It is a very strange feeling and one thing I notice the most when this happens (in a blue moon) is that the drums, the snare in particular, feel like I'm hitting cement and they don't sound right.
Live this does not bother me so much because I always go in like I will have to fly by the seat of my pants anyway but in rehearsal it really is a lousy feeling. If I mention to the other musicians that I feel that I'm off they generally say they have no idea what I am talking about and sure enough on the recordings it is not so bad, I still hear stuff I don't like though.
Is it in our mind? Is it a time flux continuum of some sort, has the there been a slight fluctuation in our internal clock? I think it may be just one of those things like a Deja Vu or maybe even a slight brain discombobulation. We also have the time change here except in the province of Saskatchewan (smart people); which is a hold over from WW! when they needed more daylight to make the munitions. When it is the "fall back" car accidents go up quite a bit so there may very well be justification for something similar affecting our psyche.
I wish they would just leave it alone as well.

I'm a little obsessed with time to begin with so one more thing to worry about I could do without LOL.


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That's why is the best. Positive vibes!

I mentioned to my wife (who is learning drumming herself) about my thoughts on my playing Sunday morning and I got that "I didn't hear anything different" look followed by a quick "sounded fine" statement. Hmmm.....


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The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! The Lord understands!
Ain't that the truth! I'll be playing tonight at church and then Sunday morning. I hope I don't have the same experience, because I've sure had plenty of them in the past. That's usually when someone in the congregation says afterward "the band sounded great today". Thank goodness most people are not musicians! There ought to be a law stating that no one can be required to play music before noon. LOL

Anon La Ply

It's like those times when you repeat a word over and over and then suddenly it doesn't make any sense. Suddenly the meaning is gone and all you have is random sound - that's what happens when, for whatever reason, you start processing things with your conscious brain that are normally handled by the subconscious.

For whatever reason, sometimes we lose the faith and overthink - we try to take control with our conscious mind. That can happen when you feel self conscious. It can also happen when your ears develop and you start noticing flaws in what your subconscious is producing.


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So Rouge what do you think is the cause of that? Did you have a good breakfast or donuts and cofee? Lack of good sleep?

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That's exactly why I don't drink too much a gigs anymore. I flubbed a gig pretty bad one night because I was just putting back the sauce like they weren't going to make it anymore. Really not one of my classiest moments.