One of my favorite records with incredible drumming- Claptons 24 Nights


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First off, the sound quality is killer which is all the difference wheen listening to live music recordings.

I absolutely love this album- many of his best songs with, as usual for EC, an unbelievable group of musicians who play so tightly together. This album is old now (right in the sweet spot for my favorite music) but, in my opinion, is a mile marker for Clapton and that band.

The best song on the album is "Old Love". I think just about every style of drumming is represented in this song in some way and the drummer just nails every part.

Going to put myself out here a little- I think the drummer was Nathan East but I have never looked into it and dont know anything about him.

Anyone else feel this way about this album? Would love to find more live albums with this level of sound quality and musicianship..


Two drummers - Jamie Oldaker, Steve Ferrone (he played on Old Love), Ray Cooper on percussion. Nathan East was on bass. (Oh, and critically, Phil Collins tambourine on Sunshine. Makes all the difference.)

And thank you for reminding me about this album. Haven't played it for years, long overdue.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Nathan East is one of the worlds most well known BASS PLAYERS.

Steve Ferrone played most of the drums Jamie Oldaker did the blues band. Ray Cooper on percussion. Phil Collins played a bit, but on the record he only plays tambourine on Sunshine of Your Love.


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KNew I was putting my self out (exposing my lack of knowledge). In my defense, I have only been listening to music as a drummer for a few months.

Incredible playing on Old Love. WOuld love to see someone cover it not for note..

Going to check out the real drummer. Any similar albums to recommend?

Really Clapton at his best.