One man's trash


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Around here, people tend to put stuff out on the grassy sidewalk area that they don't want but someone else may conceivably want. It's a pretty good racket, you never know what you might come across.

In his spare time, one of my friends likes to pick up electronics or other such things and fix them up, then sell or trade it to someone. So I was at his place a little while ago and he pulls out this set of roto toms he found on the corner and hands them off to me.

I don't plan on using them on my main kit but I do have a 16" kick/hat/ride/snare that roto toms might fit in with for a funky little addition.

Another drummer friend who recently left a Judas Priest cover band was tossing out a very badly smashed Sabian stage crash...I said no no no, I'll take that. I had no use whatsoever for it at the time but later on I used it in a stack with a china and tomorrow I will be taking it to the music store to trade as part of their 'Money for Metal' promo. I want me an Omni.

You guys got any good scores, freebies or killer deal stories?