Okay, if all tone comes "from the player's hands"


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I guess this is a serious question. I think we need to look up the meaning of the word 'from'-- it may have a little broader meaning than you're assigning it.

Starship Krupa

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It is most assuredly not a serious question, more of a smartass rebuttal to that tired comment that seems to come up any time a musician asks on a forum how best to set up their equipment when trying to emulate the sound of another musician they admire.

"Well, the sound is really in the hands...."

Bo Eder

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Well, the player, and the engineer are engaged in two different things. The player is the one producing the sound. The engineer is the guy capturing the sound. And both disciplines require training and study.

So yeah, it could be a smarta$$ question, or a legitimate one, I suppose.