OK - you can place your bets now


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I’m a big believer in purging from time to time. Bo I hope you can find a way to downsize and find the right gear to be happy with over the long run.

I”m gong to take this year to sell off a bunch of stuff, my goal is one kit, a few snares and one bag of cymbals... I find myself reaching for the same gear anyway, so I won’t miss most of it. I like having a few choice instruments and really getting to know those particular drums and cymbals.


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If the Yamahas don't do it for you, purge them! It seems to me you have liked your Gretsch and Pearl kits, so why not hang on to both of them? It doesn't seem to me that they would take up that much space. Two kits could give you a lot of flexibility, musically speaking.

If you MUST get down to one kit, I'd go with the Gretsch. They have mojo, can do the jazz thing, but can still rock.


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I'd quite happily exist with one 6 piece kit (that can be either a 4 or 6 configuration) & one extra snare choice, but I'm currently pulling together my own little legacy collection.

I'll end up with the (refurbished) prototype kit, my existing Tour series walnut 6 piece (+ extra 18" FT), a 6 piece Origin series ovangkol kit featuring two 10" toms, & a selection of around 6 snares. Totally excessive for my needs, but how could I not?

Unlike you though Bo, those will never be unloaded until I'm in a box.


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Bo does us a great service with his kit reviews.
I had a close friend who used to exhaustively research, buy, use and then sell stereo gear; constantly.
I lived nearby him and I used to buy his used gear. Of course it was excellent stuff.

I wish I lived near Bo. (So I could buy his Gretsch set.)
That's how I ended up with 6 kits. A guy I know makes Bo look like a compulsive hoarder. He used to get endorsements then get skint, bored or both so all his gear would get sold off at stupid prices.

Ditto on the Gretsch set!