Offset snare stands


"Uncle Larry"
Anybody have a problem with these? I got my first offset snare stand a while back, and I really don't like the design. It's unstable. I don't see the reason for the offset basket. Opinions?


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What brand / model is it Larry ? Do you have a picture ?

I had offset stands come with my kits so have no comparison with non-offset stands....but I dont have a problem as such that motivates me to want to find another option.

What is it about your stand you dont like ? The room it takes ? is it a bit "tippy" like having a cymbal a long way out on a boom stand, making the stand want to tip over ?


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Yep! With harder playing, most modern stands jump and "walk". Gone are the days of a snare being centered directly over the stand's base. Or, are they?

Ludwig's new Atlas Pro stand lets you move the basket/grips, so that the drum can be centered over the base. Since using it, I've had zero problems with the stand bouncing or moving. I believe that Pearl has a similar stand.