offset kit configuration opinions?


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I switched my kit with the 10 and 12 toms offset. I really like the setup, mostly because I can get my ride closer.

the main problem I'm having is getting the hats in place. I really have to push the hats out, like 2 o'clock (playing left handed setup), to far from the snare, to have a descent striking position the the hi tom.

almost tempted to get back to standard setup, so I have my hats closer to the snare.

Is this a typical problem with hat position?

Also, I watch and see so many great players with standard setups. If it works for them, then why am I farting around with something different? They surely must have a good position on the ride without struggle.

Any ideas would be helpful.


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Try playing a double bass set and you will see that the hi hats have to be further over than a standard setup. I actually like the hats a bit further over. It allows my snare hand to move a bit more freely without hitting my hi hat hand that is crossed over it.


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Iv'e tried the same thing off center but the damn hi hat, could not get it in a comfortable place. I also like having the ride in tight, so I went 4 piece.

Hollywood Jim

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Here is what I did a few months ago.
I set up the bass drum first. Then I set up the snare drum.
I sat down to play and positioned these two drums for perfect position for my playing style.

Then I determined after the bass and snare, which piece of equipment I play the most. It was the Hi hat.
So I positioned the hi hat to be exactly where I wanted it. Most comfortable for me and my playing style.

I then went through each piece of equipment one by one in this same manner. What do I play on the most etc.

I have been playing drums my whole life and I have never done this before.
Interesting thing happened. By doing this, I found out that the drum set I currently have is not exactly what I need. But I'm making do.



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yet one more reason i like a 4 piece

sounds like your only other choice is to re-set toms on bass drum or raise them up in current offset position.

the idea to setup your most important components in their optimal positions is a good one.


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It takes a while to get used to. I play a vintage Ludwig kit with a 12 and 13 left of the BD. After a few months of playing your right arm grows longer :)


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That's the problem with a 5-piece set. you either have to compromise with the ride or the hats. One solution is to get the toms offset but as far right (in your case left) as you can using a rack. Tripod double tom stands makes this difficult because of the legs. With a Stealth rack for instance you can really hug the bass drum putting the toms further over than you could with a tripod stand. Even easier with a traditional cross-bar rack.

I, like others, went the 4-piece route. I would rather have one less tom than issues with hats and ride placement.


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Good point Hollywood . I'll try that.

Also 4 piece setup isn't bad either. Really how much use is a 10" tom versus the 12". I could also go with 2 floor toms. So I up 2 down.