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Hi, please don't consider this announcement spamming. We barely break even on this event. I am active here at drummerworld and this news is relevant to many here. thanks, George Lawrence

2010 Ohio Drum Show
Press release for immediate publishing

Not So Modern Drummer Magazine announces the 2010 Ohio Drum Show on Sunday, Sept. 19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Drummers from all over the country will gather at a 20,000 sq. ft. expo center to see the oldest and the newest in drums and percussion! Held in Nashville TN last year, the event will double in size this year with 100 exhibitor booths. Exhibitors include major and minor drum and percussion manufacturers, custom drum builders, vintage drum dealers and collectors. Events include famous drummer performances and clinics, raffle prizes, the Snare Drum Olympics and the new Cymbal Olympics contests. For details and exhibitor list go to or contact George Lawrence 330 940 3786,

This is the second largest such drum show in the country where drummers of all ages come to buy, sell and trade drum gear. George Lawrence, organizer of the event, says, “The manufacturers have really hopped on board with what used to be “vintage and custom only” shows like this one and the Hollywood and Chicago Drum Shows. The number of drummers who attend has grown tremendously. We are drawing from a twelve state area in the Midwest and East and from lower Ontario. We have many drum shops and music stores exhibiting as well. We also cut the show back to one day to make it affordable for everyone concerned during this recession. Booths and tickets are cheap.”

The Snare Drum Olympics is a showcase and competition of the best snare drums built by both custom drum builders and major brand drum manufacturers. The new Cymbal Olympics is a similar contest for cymbal manufacturers to put their best cymbals forward to be judged by a panel of judges and by the public at the Ohio Drum Show on Sept. 19th. All of the instruments are publicized on YouTube, in Not So Modern Drummer and other drum magazines, and on popular drumming websites.


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Re: Not So Modern Drummer magazine OHIO Drum Show, Snare Drum Olympics and Cymbal Oly

Cool, ill have to go to that one! George puts on good shows, definatively worth the trip.

ps. how's it goin george ? I haven't been to the shop in quite a while.

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Re: Not So Modern Drummer magazine OHIO Drum Show, Snare Drum Olympics and Cymbal Oly

Would love to come, but a slight distance issue precludes that. Wish we had some good drum shows here. Good luck with the event.