noise isolating drum risers


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Our group practices in my year 1911 row house. Originally, for the acoustics and space, we were on the main floor, right on the street side. Tall ceilings and a hard wood floor that resonated like a tuning fork. We'd play until the police came, but eventually it became clear we needed to do something about the situation.

We've since moved to the basement, smaller room, lower ceilings, unused basements in the row houses on either side of us, and a big ol concrete slab floor with some low pile carpet.

Needless to say the situation has improved greatly. I would like to kill two birds with one stone by improving the isolation with a diy noise isolating drum riser and if possible using the riser for applicable small gigs. Having worked in set design for years combined with my woodworking/metal shop in my garage out back and access to a wide array of raw materials (rock wool not being one of them, but that can always be ordered), I'm capable of making it both functional and purrdy. I'm sure the merits of a drum riser have been discussed at length on this forum, so let's just say I'm going ahead with the project.

My question is, has any one had enough experience with different diy risers (again isolation being the goal) to point me towards a good design. There seem to be many different methods out there, and I don't want to put in an extra 4 hours work for 5% more isolation. There are simple designs such as the mdf/tennis ball method seen here: which could be banged out in 1-2 hours, and if effective, I'm no snob, tennis balls it is.

Any ideas?
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