Nine Drumming Tips


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Tip #2 used to be so much fun! Used to. Never played Sweet Home Alabama or Mustang Sally till two years ago. Can't find anyone who wants to play anything different anymore. Just don't see how playing with someone alone will help you be a better drummer, if there are no challenges or goals involved!? Exposure...maybe...for the next set of guys who want to play the same stuff.

There used to be such a variety of styles to chose from and join. Still seems to be the case in some markets. Anyone else here find they grew as a drummer playing basic repetitive stuff? Is it really that much better learning wise, to drag your stuff all across town, set up, play Sweet Home or Mustang Sally, tear down and go home, to do it again next week? I totally get getting better, when you play with people and songs you don't know, have to learn them or improvise, but at what point is it just a waste?

Some of the guys I've played with the past couple of years are friends and we have fun, but growth has been zero. Been doing much better working on independence exercises and extending my vocabulary, just playing at home, recording myself, frightening myself with the results and trying again.

Even at church with the structure of click and backing tracks, growth has been reduced to nothing. Ive sadly been feeling more inclined to sleep in, but there's the being needed thing...