Newby advice on drums on a PC


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Been drumming about 20 years. Never managed to sort out programming drums/click tracks on a PC. I need some help.

I've downloaded/bought a couple of things in recent years, but never managed to get something I actually understand. I then get frustrated. Drummers of the world - how in the hell do I get something simple on my PC that will let me create drum tracks? I play progressive tech metal, so complex stuff in weird time sigs with loads of different riffs throughout any given song. When I've downloaded or bought products before, I've been faced with an engine with no sounds.

I want drum sounds I can drop into a timeline to make drum riffs I can repeat/loop. I don't want to have to record any drums to load in. Doesn't have to sound great. Just has to be reliable.

Downloaded Cakewalk/Bandlab. Failed. (Couldn't get any drum sounds into Cakewalk, when I wrote stuff in Bandlab beats went missing)
Bought Toontrack or EZ Drummer or something hat about 5 years ago. Nearly threw PC out of the window because I felt like I'd wasted money because I had a bunch of drum sounds, but nothing to drop them into.

Make fun of me if you want. IDC.


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Try Fruity Loops. It's grid based, you point and click.

I use FL3 for a click. Either just a basic click or program some simple electronic tunes to jam with.

You can't change metering in the song with FL, like 4/4 to 7/4, but if you can do the math you can set it to 28/4 and program accordingly.

The built in drum sounds are typical, 808, 909, etc. You can import .wav files if you want for "real" sounds too.

It's pretty user friendly. I am computer stupid compared to most but find it fairly easy.

Try the free version first before you buy so your computer doesn't require an unexpected air trip!