Newbie looking for gig advice!


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Hey Friends!

I'm a drummer in a college-aged rock band playing all original material. We've had experience gigging, but many of the venues we have played asked us to sell a certain number of tickets, or our right to go on stage was forfeit.

This resulted in us paying for most of the tickets ourselves. We paid to play.

Now, if this we're $50 of $100 dollars a month, we would have no problem with it. But we'd like to start gigging more frequently, and that pay to pay model is really a wall we can't see past.

Any advice? I live in downstate, eastern New York. I'm open to venue recommendations within 2 hours of driving.


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I should note: we're not looking to make a dime doing this. We just want a reasonably sized crowd (>25?), and to not lose much more than gas money doing it.


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There's a thread or two open on this very subject right now.It's bad enough playing for free,but driving 2 hours and paying to play.I get the I love to play stuff,but thats just crazy.

I would read through the other threads concerning this,and hopefully it will give you some fresh prospective on the subject.

My own opinion is it's fine playing for free in a charity/fundraiser kind of thing.Even for fun rarely in a public venue.But since I was 15 in the early 70's,when I played,I got paid.Period.Paying to play is something I would NEVER do.Your a band,not a promotional agency and selling your own tickets is something that a venue is responsible for.Just another way to screw bands out of just compensation.

Amazing.It's come full circle.Not only do these humanoids not want to pay you,but now the're actually charging YOU to play.I'd rather keep my kit in the basement,and just jam with friends,than to submitt to that B.S.:((

Steve B