New Website - Feedback Welcome


Hello everyone,

I've been reading up on website design etc and have just finished making

I'd welcome any feedback on what i've done. It's a complete drum course website with no uploading or downloading needed, all 150 Drum Lesson videos are embedded into the website.

The first 20 drum lessons are completely free and you can subscribe for $79 to gain access to all 150 drum lessons to watch as many times as you wish!



Senior Member
Main logo is too pixelated and blurry.

Main paragraph font should be smaller.

Kind of annoying that the rudiments button on the taskbar links to a PDF file. Might want to make a splash page for the user to click on the PDF.

Kind of annoying that the login column is on the left. We read from left to right. It takes away from the focal point (the main paragraph).

Good luck with your website.