New toms


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Im about to buy myself new toms, but im not sure of where to start or what to buy!
I have only tried Tama and Pearl, so i think i will stay to one of these brands.But who knows what will happend!

I want to have 5 toms ( 10" - 12" - 13" - 14" - 16").Not sure about the sizes, but this is what has worked good for me. Im thinking about a price up to 2000 us $.

Is there anybody who can give me a good suggestion of what to buy?
Myabe you have bought something like this lately?

Thanks for any good answers ;)

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If you're going for Tama, go for Silverstars! But, you could probably get a full drum kit for that $2000. A Mapex Saturn? Which are unique drums and just get the sizes ordered for you or even a Meridian Maple? I have those exact tom sizes on my kit and I got them for less than a grand. Could even get a Tama Starclassic Performer B/B kit, which is Birch AND Bubinga. Those drums are REALLY good. Heck, even any Gretsch kit would be good!

Also, you haven't specified what kinds of wood you're looking for either. Which could probably help.


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I will also buy a new bass drum, but personally i think it is easier to make a good sound of a bass drum, then to make a good sound of a tom.

I have always struggled to make a good sound of toms, but then im not a professional drum tech and im picky when it comes to tom sounds!
So this time i want to have GOOD toms!
I dont want to waste more time on cheap drums!thats history! :D

Another thing i see is that the hardware can also be very different, and that irritates me!

Silverstar seems like a good product....but im not sure yet if i`ll go for Silverstar.

Thanks for answering :)


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In that case, you're better off getting a whole new shell pack. It's way cheaper in the long run. You may be able to find orphan toms on ebay etc, but the reality of finding the exact sizes, in matching finish, at the same time is pretty slim. Ordering toms one by one direct from the manufacturer is costly and takes time. If you need the whole shebang, buying a whole new kit is a far cheaper and easier option in the long run.