New Rogers Kits


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So, I've done pretty much everything to my current set of drums to make them sound at (what I believe) is their peak. So now, after all these years, I'm considerin' buying a new set of drums. I want something aged; like a Ludwig, or Gretsch, but a music store two counties over is an official dealer of the new Rogers drum sets.

I know Rogers was really good back in the day, and these new drum sets look gorgeous and classy. I can't really find any info on them, so I was wondering if any of you have played them, and what you think of them? I plan to test them out sometime for myself of course, but I'd love to get some public knowledge.


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The only "new" Rogers kits I have seen have been more beginner/low intermediate kits.
Yamaha may still own the Rogers brand.
I'd find out more info from the shop before I made a trip.

If it's a "real" Rogers kit, they are quite something.


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Yamaha aquired the intellectual rights to the Rogers name a few years ago.I know they displayed some kits at the 2007 NAMM show and those that saw them,said the hardware was a mix of different eras for Rogers.Low budget drums.

So your essentually buying Yamaha drums with some Rogers looking hardware.I doubt the'll sound anything like a vintage Rogers kit,so why bother?Just buy a stage custom kit and call it a day.Or...........

Why not get the real deal and get a vintage Ludwig,Rogers,Slingerland,Gretsch or Camco kit.Some say the Camco's are the best sounding kit they've ever played.The same can be said for the big 4 as well.Early 70's Ludwig 3 ply clear interior are just amazing drums.Rogers were considered the Caddilac of drum sets,were more expensive that the other big three,and had the arguably best hardware of the day with swiv-o-matic.

Set yourself a budget,and ask away.What sound are you looking for?What music are you playing? Will you gig this kit or play it safely in your basement?

The only modern kits made today that come close to a true vintage drum sound are Ludwig Legacy,some C&C made kits.To my ear at least.:)

Steve B


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The only " mix of different eras" on those drums were the ROGERS script logos.

The new Rogers should come with a free book of matches and a can of lighter fluid.

Dont waste your money.

Anthony Amodeo

stay as far away from these kits that they are calling Rogers drums as you can

they are in no way shape or form your fathers or grand fathers they say

the new lines of Gretsch are fantastic ...especially the Brooklyn series

and so are some of the new high end Luddys

this is one of the most exciting times we have as gear time

take is slow and savor it savor it savor it


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This is one I have mixed feelings on. The new Rogers are made with either poplar or poplar/birch, so my guess is they are on par with say a Pearl Forum or Tama Imperialstar, which people recommend as decent first kits.

I think part of the reason people are so down on them is because they are comparing them with the original, professional Rogers. But if you take them for what they are, which is an inexpensive kit for beginners, they might not be so bad. I've never played one, however, and the Forums and Imperialstars have tons of good reviews from people who own/have played them, so I'd go with one of those if I were the OP. I think those are a safer bet.


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Like has been said, Don't wast your cash on a new Rogers kit.
You want to move up to an intermediate/pro level kit, or buy a real vintage kit that is in good condition.
If you don't have a pro level snare, and you can't afford a pro level kit, then buy a good snare for now.
Save your money and buy the high end kit when you can afford it.

What is your current kit?


I had a new Rogers kit in the early 80's. The only reason I bought it was because they went out of business, and the store I dealt with at the time bought up all the remaining separates. Let met just say, I wouldn't buy another one, and that was when they were supposedly good!


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+1 on what Steve says, as usual. Yamaha makes great drums -- even their low-end Gigmaker is a great kit - but their purchase of the Rogers name and then releasing such obviously junky, cheap drums as Rogers is baffling. Gigmakers are 20x nicer and the same price. New Rogers kits must be made in some 4th World country. Saw a new Rogers kit with aluminum (?) cymbals for $299 in (the obligatory "my first kit" kit color - red wine) for $299.


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I wasn't aware Yamaha had purchased the Rogers name. I assumed it was a seperate company, but I didn't know they were making them under beginner drums.

Does anybody own Gibson's Slingerlands? I know they produce them, and even have a few endorsers, but I can't find where people buy them, and for that matter, I've never seen one.

As far as buying a vintage kit - I've been looking into buying shells off the internet; I'm leaning towards late 50s, early 60s Mahogany shells and just buy some wraps and hardware myself.


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More of the same I'm afraid.The Nashville made Slingys were excellent drums,and the re issue radio king snares were good,but the stuff now being offered if can find it,is crap.Gibson as of right now,has no intention of producing a pro line of drums,and is just sitting on the name.Gibson may build good guitars,but they are NOT a drum company.The're just selling tubes with the Slingerland name on them.

The only names from the past in the US making top shelf stuff is Ludwig and Gretsch,and they to have their import line as well as the US made stuff.

If you want the real deal...there are vintage kits out there that sound great.Or you could buy some vintage orphans,and add modern hardware and refinish them,giving new life to an old drum.

Just be careful with the bearing edges.The ONLY drumsmiths that I would trust to re cut the edges would be Precision in NY.Re cutting the edges using any others,maybe except for Steve Maxwell,will change the sound of the drum fairly drasticly,and that vintage sound you wanted will end up as sawdust on a shop floor..Choose wisely.:)

Steve B