New Premier XPK.


The SunDog

What are the XPK made of now and is it made in England still. Mine was birch/meranti/birch and sounded impressive to say the least. With so many kits being outsourced these days its impossible to make a recommendation based on brand alone. Back in the day the XPK was a gem of a kit. Priced in the intermediate range, but decidedly pro quality.


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If this helps.. my favorite kits are my Yamaha recording customs (1985) and my Premier XPK (1990). Both sound awesome.. but I'd give an edge to the RC's for hardware and ease of use when setting up /tearing down.

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Where are you based Mike? Premier will be exhibiting at the Manchester Drum Show June 8th. If you can get there, well worth holding your decision until you can get hands on with the kit. Just a thought.


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Hi. I was all decided on a new kit, a Yamaha Stage Custom. Legendary quality etc. nice sound. But.....I got all patriotic and I am hankering after a Premier. I had one back in the 70s and wish I had never sold it. So, the question is, is the quality of the new Premier stuff, especially the XPK, up to scratch, or should I put the rose tinted specs away and go for the Yamaha.
I know sound is the most important aspect but with heads and tuning will there be anything to choose between them?