New Pearl Reference in Purple Craze


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Hey everyone, new member here and figured a gear intro is as good as any :D. After about 15 years with my trusty maple Pearl Sessions, I wanted an upgrade. Been drooling over a Reference for many years now, but never had the funds to acquire a set. Got this 7 piece for a steal on ebay in the perfect sizes and finish. Bought a few new cymbals to go with the upgrade and splurged on some used snares. The Eric Singer and Brass free floater were old reliables, but man the 20 ply Reference snares are just killers!! A bit strange to see two Paiste rides among the sea of Zildjians, but I've always loved the glassy tones from their rides. I still have my A custom 20" projection and 21" Z custom Mega Bell if I'm feeling the itch to keep the same brand going. Loving these drums, they sound massive! First high end kit I've ever owned and I couldn't be happier. Got a brass and steel Reference snare also coming along with a DW Ebony, stoked to be drumming regularly again!

Drums: Pearl Reference Purple Craze, floor toms mounted with Rims Dynamount Free Floating

22x18 (2)

Snares: All Pearl
14x16.5 Brass Free Floater
14x6.5 Eric Singer SIgnature
14x6.5 Reference Ultra Blue Fade
14x5 Reference Granite Sparkle

Cymbals: Zildjian and Paiste (From Left to Right)

18" K Special Dry Trash China
22" Stewart Copeland Blue Bell Ride
18" A Custom EFX Crash
8" A Splash
9" K Custom Hybrid Splash
18" Oriental Trash China
15" A Custom Mastersound Hats
19" K Custom Hybrid Crash
10" A Custom Splash
8" Oriental China on top of 8" Trashformer
19" A Custom Crash
18" Oriental Trash China (sounds quite different from the other one)
22" Danny Carey Monad Ride
14-1/4" K Custom Hybrid Hats
20" A Custom Crash
14" Z Custom Mastersound Hats
21” A Ultra Hammered China
14” Oriental Trash China on top of 14” Trashformer

Heads: Remo
Colortone Emperor on Toms
Colortone P3 for kicks
P77 for snares

Hardware: All Pearl except for Hi Hats and Pedals

Pedals: DW
9000 Remote Hi Hat
MCD Pedals
MDD Hi Hat w/bass drum clamp

Some Pics!!



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Looks absolutely unreal mate (need some vids of you bashing away on this thing).
Just need some Charlie Benante signature cymbals to go with the heads and shells (or would that be too much purple)? :)


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Kit looks monstrous!
By the way nice snare collection I love the maple ES signature snare, and the FF brass ring.