New Mike Dolbear TV show goes live tonight.


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It was good, watched it last night shortly after being uploaded after looking forward to it the past few weeks and it didn't disappoint

Looking forward to more episodes.


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never heard of mike dolbear.. but looks interesting...

P.S. just watched it.. i was wrong, not very interesting.. and too short, he has some killer drummers there.. get them behind a kit and ask some good questions about technique and such.. just my opinion of course :) Also don't get the guy in the green nylon.. close as i can guess they are trying to make their own stig. that fell super flat..
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Out of curiosity, what was the latest debacle?
He attacked a guy over not being able to order a steak or something.. i think it was a producer of the show he attacked.. and Clarkson being a giant man-baby i can easily see that happening..

Not to derail.. but i stopped watching top gear a few years ago.. go VERY sick of Jeremy and his hatred of americans. (which is fine.. but gets old on every single show) plus.. him picking on fat people? get real.. everyone has seen the pics of him at the beach looking like a pregnant whale.. he's much fatter than anyone i know on this side of the ocean.. i love the UK and love their television.. but i'm sooo glad hes gone..

P.S. he should have been fired over the falklands license plate crap.. driving around purposely trying to upset people who had family die in that war was just a 100% dick move..

Ok... rant off.. sorry bout that:)


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Missed the show, but I've met Mike a few times when he's come to NAMM (specifically the Drumsmith dinner!) and have poked my head into his forum now and again.

Best of luck to him!


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Not bad, but it seems a bit daft to have all these top end drummers and not see them playing.

The concept of 'The Stick' is just awful.