New Ludwig Snare


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The drum seems to have a decent price-point at $299. The color(s) are very nice, but it looks a little like desert camouflage.


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Yep, that looks quite interesting. Ludwig certainly knows how to make good snare drums. Peace and goodwill.


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It's got the Keystone ply layup.
Now - if Ludwig could be talked into making a 10,12,14,20 to go along with that snare.....
And the Keystone edge. It undoubtedly sounds like a Keystone, and they make those sizes and more in that line. So, other than the lugs, I wonder what's 'different' about this?

I'll guess that it's a GC exclusive, they get something a little (or a lot) different every year from Ludwig.



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Can you order a separate 10" tom?

I don't see it listed, although they show a 12, 14, 20 kit:

Edit: oops- it's under 'component sizes'.

Also - I don't see a 13" snare listed:

The only Keystone kit I've seen has much different sizes, with an 18x22 bass drum in red glass glitter.
Nice looking set and I eye it up each time I'm at that store, but the sizes are wrong.
I always forget specifics about it too. That you can order different drums, and there's a few versions available.

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Ditto on the wrap but why do they put red oak veneer on the outside and them cover it with a wrap??


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Ditto on the wrap but why do they put red oak veneer on the outside and them cover it with a wrap??
That was a move made by their well funded Department of Not Making Sense, the same people responsible for the phillips screws on their P-86.


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I'm a Ludwig fan, and they never cease to amaze me with their ability to introduce mindless features and ugly finishes. BUT . . . I actually like the color of this drum. To me, it looks quite classy.



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So, it's a Keystone snare drum with tube lugs, and a different badge?

And a 13" diameter made all the more enticing by a 6" depth.

And a 'love it or hate' it wrap.
I'm actually not too sure about the wrap without seeing it in person.
It was the snare size in the Keystone line that grabbed my attention first.