New Ludwig Classic Maple compared to 70's/80's Ludwigs


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The subject line pretty much sums it up- are the new Ludwig Classic Maples basically the same drums as their top of the line drums from the 70's/80's? If not, are they at least professional-quality drums?

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Man, of course they are great quality drums, classic maples are like their flagship model!!! old or new, they are gunna be great. I have a set of early 80's classic maples, and they are great, i havent played brand new ones, but im sure they are pretty much equally as good.


You would think that today's drums should be at least the quality of years gone by just because of some advances in technology, but who knows. I don't know if Ludwig uses their new RF technology on all their upper end drums or not. This uses "radio frequencies" to heat the shells after they apply their wraps for a more formidable bond. I don't know if the reason they found a better mouse trap was because they had problems with the old one. I don't believe my dad ever had problems with the "white marine pearl" wraps separating on his 1940s Ludwigs or not. DW now uses cooling drum molds to let the drums cool down to temperature instead of just taking them out of the heated molds and shelving them. There are probably many differences in drum construction nowadays compared to that of yesterday. Better or not, I still think much reflects through the skilled worker.