New kit with lots of power


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Latest kit in production. All 100% Bubinga shells.

24" x 15" bass drum
13" x 8" tom
16" x 14" floor tom
18" x 14" floor tom
14" x 7" snare



Red Menace

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Mon Deaux... that is quite the kit. I'll bet it sounds massive.

Beautiful work there, I especially like that little inlay in the middle.

Matt Bo Eder

Are these for sale? And do you guys make single-headed toms?

keep it simple

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And do you guys make single-headed toms?
Francois, please sell him a set of concert toms. Perhaps then he'll stop pestering me to make them. He buys about 300 kits / year apparently ;) ;) ;)

Seriously - lovely kit. It's impossible to not love a kit with an 18" x 14" floor tom :) Stellar work as always. That kit is just begging to be played!

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