New kit....don't know why though


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I posted this from Craigslist last week when it was $175. Then because I though it was so cool, I offered 125. Guy called back and said I could take 'em for $100. His wife wanted them out of the living room. So I bought 'em. Converted 16x16 floor tom. 12" rack and a 13" rack converted to floor tom, with a great sounding snare. Finish is really cool, though just a wrap. Now I don't know what to do with them. Maybe sell them. Thought you might like to see.....(the biker patch on bass drum is from an organization I formed to fundraise for alcohol and drug addicts)....anyway...the brand is unknown, but the shells look to me like 6 ply maple and the lugs and hoops are in great shape.



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Cool little kit. Does one really need a reason to buy a kit? You saw it and you must have seen something that you liked about it in order to buy it.
It shouldn't be any more complicated than that.
Enjoy the drums :)


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Not sure what happened to the bass drum that obviously was part of the kit, but went ahead and put new heads on the toms and batter side on the floor tom "bass". She sounds pretty good.

You know, WildBill, that donation idea is a good one. 'specially since I'm running outta room in my studio. I will play them for a while for kicks and a change from the monster I've been pounding.