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So after some talks with my fiancee I'm giving up on getting a Harley in favor of a new kit. I would really like to be sub $1000. Right now I'm playing a 6 pc CB 700, which after research, is a kind of crappy entry level kit with a 150th anniv. emblem on it. Actually I cant figure out who actually made it as it's not on the badge. Anyway I was just looking at this kit online.... Birch Special Edition 6piece Shell Set Blue Fade_-49946335

Any opinions on it? I do not play in a band but just want something that sounds better than what I'm playing on now. Hell, I still have months of practice to do just to get my chops back to where they were before I took 8u years off.

Any other suggestions on other kits?


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I don't know that I've seen that kit before but I think my search would end right there. Other options to get more for your money are ebay and Craigs list. Just my opinion but I'd get the Sonor.


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You gotta buy what you like. Everyone will have a different opinion. Just stay away from the lowest end of drums. Mid-level drums usually sound just fine, especially with a decent head combo.

I'm personally loving the way Sonors are looking as well, Gretch and Tama have always been my go-to until lately I've been noticing Sonors. Cool lookin kits. A bit more modern I think than some of the standard designs.


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So after some talks with my fiancee I'm giving up on getting a Harley .....
not sure about the kit, but as far as the Harley, YOUR FIANCEE IS A SAINT!

She just saved you from buying a 900lbs overpriced pile of garbage, that doesn't corner well, looks and sounds like a volkswagen beetle from the 60s, and is the most efficient way of converting gas into noise without the side effect of horsepower. Oh, wait, at least there is chrome on it :)