New Ddrum Pocket kit and Tama Metalworks snare


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YEY!!! today is a good day! picked up a new Ddrum Pocket for only £350 because it was an ex-display model and had no snare. Apart from that there's nothing wrong with them. The heads need replacing desperately because the 'Remo UK' heads are awful. Going to get some coated G2s. The finish Is great and has a lovely sparkle. The camera doesn't show it off well at all because of the flash. It's darker with more sparkle to it. 20x20 kick is amazing I was worried about it but it's great. The small diameter with lots of depth makes for an amzing, deep but punchy sound. It's getting a Emad soon but with the stock head it sounds okay.

I also got a Tama Metalworks snare for £150 which is amazing. It cracks and pops like a mother. music to my ears :) looks sexy as well with the brushed black finish


Ddrum Dominion Maple Pocket
Iron Dust Finish with Black Nickel hardware
20x20 kick
8x12 tom
12x14 tom
12x16 tom
stock heads

Tama Metalworks
Steel 1.2 mm
Black Nickel coated hardware
Evans Power Centre Reverse Dot better, Hazy 300 reso, Tama Starclassic snares

14" Sabian APX hi-hats
20" Sabian APX crash
20" Wuhan china
20" Paiste PST3 medium ride (used as crash)

Big Dog Pro double pedal
Premier hi-hat stand
Stagg tom arm clamp
Premier boom stand
Stagg straight stand
CB boom stand (sooooo fragile)

The Rest:
ProMark bionic gloves
ProMark Stick bag
ProMark 5A x3
ProMark 7A
Vater (5A?)
Ahead Tommy Lee signature
JVC HA-RX300 headphones
Apple MacBook Pro :D
Rock Band Mic (for recording)

I think I might mainly use it as a one up one down with just two crashes and hi-hats when I'm practicing/gigging, but this is the full setup for now.

Next on the list is heads, an APX 22" ride and my hardware.

This is pretty pic heavy so get ready for a long one. The pics aren't the best either but hopefully I'll get my hands on girlfriends camera when she gets back from her holiday in San Francisco.

I'm chuffed to bits with my new stuff though! :D :D :D
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congrats! great looking kit those Ddrum's and a kick ass snare to go along with 'em, awsome, have fun with the new drums man!


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It's the name Ddrum have given to the size configuration. In the aim of appealing to people who play in the 'pocket' I presume.


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Also I'd like to point out that the cymbals aren't as high as they look. The drums are about level with my waist and the cymbals are slightly lower than my shoulders, at the top of my chest.


Man I have been debating on the Metalworks snare for a while. I went to Guitar Center and tried it out but they tuned them all really bad. I am debating on either the Tama or a Pork Pie Black on Brass.

Does the snare ring at all?


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Man I have been debating on the Metalworks snare for a while. I went to Guitar Center and tried it out but they tuned them all really bad. I am debating on either the Tama or a Pork Pie Black on Brass.

Does the snare ring at all?
First off I love the snare. I've only messed with the tuning a little bit so far because I got it this afternoon and I don't want to play too late because it is LOUD! It doesn't seem to ring much at all. Some people may want to put moongel on it but I prefer good tuning. It's got an Evans Reverse Power Dot Batter, an Evans hazy 300 reso and decent Tama Starclassic snares. With good products like that you should easily be able to control ring, overtones and synthetic snare buzz with good tuning. If you still get ring you could try getting a double ply head and I'm sure it would be cured.

The snare sounds amazing though. Ive got it tuned medium-high at mo and it sounds great. Really lively and responds to the lightest touch. The depth of it gives it more body and a real crack though. rim-shots are awesome too! :)


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Oh and by the way people, the tom pictured last on my stool is up for sale. It's another identical 12x8 in Iron Dust I got free because they happened to have one on its own in stock that they'd had for ages. It's brand new in mint condition. Not a mark on the head and the logo still has plastic wrap on it. However, it hasn't got a suspension mount on it but you could buy on or put it in a snare stand. It could potentially be a snare conversion project? PM if you're interested and make me an offer


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Cheers dude. I've been a fan of your kit for ages too. Love the red burst. It's pretty much impossible to get the dorian in the UK though.


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I would save the tom for parts, experimentation, whatever, unless you are really strapped for cash.
I am fairly strapped for cash but I'd just feel bad if I ruined a perfectly good tom. Having said that I'm not going to 'try' and sell it just put out some bait if you know what I mean :p If I ever need something to experiment on it'll always be there.


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I just got a Metalworks snare about a month ago. Same size as yours. It sounds great. It is really bright but the depth of the drum gives it some power. It is the first Tama product I have tried, I might have to check out some more.


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Does anyone know what the bass drum batter side head is? Is it a remo powerstroke 4?
It's like a cheap copy of a Powerstroke 3 (?) I think. It's made by 'Remo UK' which is a really cheap version of Remo stuff with lower quality. I'm replacing it for an Emad2 soon hopefully.