New cajon lesson site


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Hello drummers & percussionists!

My name is Paul Jennings and in January 2012 I will be launching

A cajon lesson site that will give the user direct access to over 100 video lessons and that number will keep growing. There will be videos covering basics, technique, grooves, genres, and solos.

I would like to ask you guys, what you would like to see on the site? Ideas for videos, grooves, genres or supplemental content.

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sweet, all the things you mentioned would be great. Maybe sheet music on the cajon and how to read it type lessons, Injury prevention, price/quality manufacturer guide.

I have never played Cajon but am very close to buying one, still researching.


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Thanks nhzoso! There will be supplemental content with a written breakdown of the lesson. Some kind of cajon notation would work well in that section.

Thanks again and all the best.