Need help with new drumkit


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Hi guys,

I'm looking to get a new drum kit and have narrowed it down to the following:

TAMA Starclassic Performer which I can get for $3995 (aussie dollars) - new

Pearl Masters Custom Maple which I can get for $2999 - used

Yamaha Oak Custom which I can get for $3299 - new.

Can you guys please help me and tell me which kit you would go for at these prices?

Also, would u guys recommend buying from a reputable dealer overseas with 90 day warranties? Are there many horror stories of drums arriving broken/damaged etc

Thanks alot.
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Seconds on the Oak.​
All 3 kits are great kits. I'd go with Yamaha Oak, myself. Yamaha hardware, for me, out-runs Tama and Pearl. Over the years, I've replaced all my Tama, DW, Pearl, Ludwig hardware with Yamaha.​
That, and I've already got a set of maple drums (Luddies) and a set of birch drums (Yamaha RC's). Oak.​


Have you played on the Yamaha Oak yet? I've never played on an oak kit..I hear they have more high end and attack than birches.

I dunno man, I've only heard good things about the Tama Starclassics on both this board and some others but you certainly wouldn't be very original.

The Oaks would definitley be more unique.
I hate Pearls.

F-it, go with whichever looks cooler.


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I wouldn't say I hate Pearl but theres something about that company that doesn't agree with me. They make great sounding drums and hardware but theres something and i'm not sure what it is.
Its pearls lugs, the lugs subconsciously make most knowledgeable drummers disapprove.

Thats my theory at least, just pull up a pick and look at them. ugh.

oh and as for the OP, i would go for the oak custom with a snare drum from a company called spirit drums. they are located in Australia.
check er out.


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Yeah, the Oaks for a couple of reasons.

A : The Oaks seem pretty exotic and different, they are somewhat rare and even if they dont sound totally perfect to your ears, I think youll love them for a lifetime anyway.

B : The price difference between your Yammies and the Tamas is$696.00. Just think about all the great add ons you can buy with that!.


Oh, and the Pearls are wierd also because of the BD Tom mounts. I had a Pearl kit for many years and I never liked the tom mounts. They look and act funny.
Tama Starclassic :D. But If ur getting Yamaha, might as well get maple. The Oak is just a little too loud for me, unmic'd. By the way, don't starclassic performers cost around <2k5$?


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Tama Starclassic :D. But If ur getting Yamaha, might as well get maple. The Oak is just a little too loud for me, unmic'd. By the way, don't starclassic performers cost around <2k5$?
I have never played the Starclassic but i heard 2 horror stories from my friend who works at Steve Maxwells here. He said 2 people he knew had problems with plies separating on their Starclassics. He also said they don't have a very wide tuning range which they sound good in??

Like i said i have never played them so i don't really know for sure But i would look into it first and make sure its not a common problem. They seem pretty popular so i guess they cant be that defunct.
lmao Yes Starclassic has a few bugs on some kits. But my friend's kit didn't have any of that problem. Of course Tama can't make all drums with perfect quality like Yamaha, but Starclassic series sounds GOOD.


I think you could get a better price than that if you shopped around. I got my Yamaha Birch Custom Absolutes 22-10-12-14-16 and 14 inch snare for 2400