Need help with 12x5 Pork pie snare

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Hi my 12x5 pork pie little squealer snare is really ringy and has lots of overtones. i have a remo weatherking coated emperor skin on it. im not the best tuner in the world. i want to muffle it a but and get rid of the ring a little
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gels are cool, love them when i wanna go rip shit and play along to led zep...great for getting some focused, punchy tones (less sustain and overtones) from the drums.

i'll letcha in on a secret, tho. do you know those sticky hands things you can get from those turn-style vending machines? they work just as good as moongel!! just cut the string and stick the hand on the drum head, or you can cut off the the fingers and strings should you just want a disc-shaped piece of gel. they work just as good as moongels (used them for a long time, then had the lightbulb moment when my GF's 3-year-old cousin was hitting my snare drum with one of those sticky hands, tried it, and kicked myself for getting swindled-lol). let me know what you think!!

here's the link, $14 for 72 gels compared to $8 for five moongles...come on!