Need drums added to tracks, will pay $$$


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Hey there the tracks sound good. I've got a recording setup and can probably sort a few simple drum tracks if you want. Here is an example of a drum track i've done recently, it's been edited for timing but no effects or compression or anything. If you're interested then do drop me a PM thanks EH.


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Thaard, after listening to the tracks on Myspace, I'd say your drum sound is easily good enough IMO. I also think you're just the man for the job too. Their open sound allows for a lot of invention, something I know you're really good at.


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Hmm.. I liked the dreamy guitar-stuff on your myspace. and I got recording capabilities(I use Logic). Don't know if my drum-sound is good enough though. Check out my youtube vids. If you like it, I can probably try to record something for ya :) (Send PM or answer in thread if interested)
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My band has multiple guitar tracks that need drums added to them. Doesn't matter if they are real or electronic as long as they sound real.

If interested you must have the capability to record drums yourself - we are not set up to record drums. We need somebody who can add drums to the guitar tracks we send, simple as that.

Check out our myspace:

The tracks we need drums on are "heavy," but not death metal. We will pay per song and we have many songs we need drums on so multiple tracks a week is optimal.

If you are interested either pm me or respond in this thread.