Need: chrome/silver Manu Katche Hipgig Jr. BASS drum

Long story short guys, I recently lost the bass drum of this kit to a car theft. The hoodlums left my car on the side of the road a few blocks away...but...took the bass drum and other stuff within the bass drum bag.

I've contacted 2 other craigslist sellers and even Guitar Center (which had a used silver set)...but nobody wants to sell just the bass drum.

I'm putting this out there in the hopes someone has and wants to sell a Yamaha Manu Katche CHROME/SILVER bass drum....desperately need's my gigging/working set and I have gigs coming up.


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about 3 or 4 weeks back a guy in santa cruz california had one of these in this color, wanted $ 400. for the whole kit, I dont know how much you can get the bass drum alone for, maybe there is a way to get the back pages of was in " bay area craigslist" california, I thougt about buying it, but couldnt make the drive up there.