Need a couple of songs drums transcribed...


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gonna take a private lesson and let the teacher go through how the songs are played instead. I could have done this myself if I would have given a bit more time but now I only got a few days and want to make sure I nail it.


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This is a great book that outlines a method to make quick easy to read drum charts. I have no vested interest in this by the way. I picked this book up and found it really useful and much easier to write charts with this method.


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Yeah you're right and I usually do that but this time I love the band I'm gonna audition for and recently failed an audition because of my lack of hearing the original drum parts at one song.
Don't wanna do the same mistake again even though this band has really simple beats. I'm a bit paranoid =)


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It's best if you learn to transcribe on your own. It helps develop your listening and writing and reading skills, and gets easier the more you do it.

Once you're geared towards picking out drum parts in your head, every song you hear becomes a lesson as you automatically key-in on the drums.



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I know I've seen it before on the forum but couldn't find it now.
I need someone that transcribe songs quickly but I don't want them to be uploaded on a website afterwards...(it's just indie originals for an audition, want to nail it this time!)

Any websites except drumscore that do this?