My Steal of The Week


So as I was doing my daily kijiji/craigslist trolling, I came across an add for a Stewart Snare Drum with Nomad Case for $50. Obviously, I emailed him right away hoping he still had it (posting was an hour old).

At the same time, I noticed an add in regards to assorted drum hardware, which advertised a VERY fair deal (price was $1, just asked for an offer). I decided to email and ask how much he wanted for everything.

Lone behold, I get a response from the guy with the snare, it's still available! Then, seconds later, I get a reply from the same guy about the hardware. He asked everything pictured above for $30. Obviously, I said I would take all the hardware and the snare, and left immediately to pick them up.

Ended up getting the following for just $80:

Pearl Hi Hat Stand
3x Snare Stands
2x Straight Cymbal Stands
1x Hide Away Boom Stand
Tom Mount/Clamp
2x Cymbal Stand Bottoms
Base of Gibralter Throne
Cowbell Kick Mount
Stewart Snare Drum
Nomad Snare Carrying Case

I'd have to say it was a pretty good scoop. Unfortunately after further inspection of the snare, there is some mold in the interior (if anyone knows anything on removing, please let me know!). Oh well, another little project to attend to I suppose.



Get rid of that mold as soon as possible. Some molds are really dangerous and spread easily, I had some in my home and I used a bleach and water combination to kill it and then I just removed the wood altogether. I would think if you kill the mold with the bleach and water and then scrape it with a plastic scraper you should be ok.

Not sure about restoring and all that but it is a nice looking drum, is it Maple? Nice find btw.


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I agree- if you have respiratory issues then do that outside with a good respirator on. Just bleach and water after scraping it off. Maybe a very light sanding of the entire interior of the shell if it is discolored unless you are worried about preserving the history of the drum. To me I would rather have a stain free drum than a stained, unsanded drum.

Nice find.