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Inspired by another thread ( Sound Quality ) I've been thinking that I'm practicing quite a bit lately but all of this practice is being done on a rubber pad or on a mesh pad of my TD9 but, what I really want to play is the acoustic kit.
I get to play that once a week, during my band's rehearsals and I'm afraid it's not gonna be enough to keep a good sound on the kit.
What easily gets me thinking is that, being what I play a high volume/high energy kind of music, I notice that the amount of stamina required to play and keep playing stuff on the kit is noticeably higher than the one I need on my TD9.

I know I cannot really work this around without having the possibility to practice on an acoustic kit but, what do you think? How bad is it, really? I know that a drummer never stops developing his sound but do you think my sound will get worse, over time?
This really scares me. I used to be the hard hitter, the loud guy, and I like it that way. While this is actually teaching me to play softer, I'm afraid to lose my sound...


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I don't think playing on an ekit will affect your sound or dynamic level at all, I think you've just realized you don't need to hit them hard at all regardless of genre, drums can only produce a maximum volume, if you hit harder than that its just wasted energy.

Im a metal drummer, I don't hit that hard compared to most, although I'm heavier than the jazz player I know, I don't play an ekit, i cant afford one, Insted I have pads made by vic firth, that reduce the volume because of this I get less rebound, still its not limited my learning in anyway, instead I've progressed.

I think it would be a similar case with you, you don't hit hard because you don't need to, you haven't regressed as a drummer you've progressed. If your really that concerned then trigger your kit.

Also you use an a-kit at practice right? If you can hear you drums over the guitar and the guitarist has a nice mix of both then your spot on, when you go gigging that's the max volume you'll be playing at, if your in a large venue then you'll most likely have to mic the drums anyway.

Its good to learn to play at different dynamics, it opens an entire new style to use.


Thank you for sharing!

Yeah that makes sense. I'm not a blacksmith :) Maybe I didn't explain myself too well but I'm not talking about exaggerated power, I'm talking about being able to keep the sound consistent and "good" overall, without compromising volume.
The thing with the e-kit is that it has a certain amount of velocity levels per pad. WITHIN those velocity levels, it won't matter how, where and how hard you hit, it's still gonna play pretty much the same thing. This doesn't really push your limbs to try and be as precise as possible.
Another thing would be the "research". Not having my snare and my cymbals when I practice I'm not able to try things out and look for sounds I like. But that's a different story and I don't see a way to fix that right now :)