My New TN Blues Band featuring Lauren Zoeller


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She's beautiful, her voice is fantastic, and I'm really honored and fortunate to be playing drums for her.

"Jamie" is our smokin' blues style. Slide lead guitar, Hammond B-3 Organ, , sizzlin' bass, kick-ass lead vocalist...what could be better?

Tim O'Connell is our great blues harp player and the recipient of ASCAPLUS awards in 2005 and 2006. After I return from my gigs in Vegas we'll recording some tunes with him.

I'm loving TN! You might call me a TN 'Hired Gun'...I've never had so much fun playing this town, meeting some really great players, recording and playing live dates.

Playing NYC, Vegas, Nashville....Man who knew?

One things for sure, my chops will never get rusty living here!

I'm also working with a NY producer who operates here and on the east coast.

Stay tuned for a couple of shredding Scottish guitarists, me and a bassist in another upcoming project, "Raining Nails".
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