My new LUDWIG Element kit


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Hello all - these are my new Elements. I absolutely love these drums. They sound great, and I love the finish and the black hardware. 8,10,12,16,22 and the snare is a 6.5 Black Magic. Ive heard alot of people say the BM is a poor mans BB, but I dont think so, I think I like this better than my supra-phonic, which I also like alot. Very sensitive, with plenty of crack and projection.

Next up - a set of Epics in blackburst w/brass hardware. (once tax return gets here!) Im also restoring my 80s 6 plys in silver sparkle.



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Looking at the refinish job, I would have suggested taping over the badge rather than sanding over it, and there are spots where you sanded against the grain. I hope you can get these marks out before you paint or stain.


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G - putting a silver sparkle wrap on, so not an issue. My parents bought me this kit new in 85, I sold it, that guy sold it, and that guy sanded the badge, the moron. But, Im thankful I was able to get it back.