My new jazz record!

Stanton Moore

Hello and Happy Holidays to all the drummers out there!

I'm writing to let y'all know I'm working on a new jazz piano trio record that I'm very excited about. I've been working on the jazz side of my playing for years and over the last year and a half I've been playing with David Torkanowsky and James Singleton on a regular basis in New Orleans and it's come time for me to make a jazz record.

So far I'm very pleased with what we're doing and I can't wait for everyone to hear it.

I've started an Indiegogo campaign to help fund it. I'd appreciate everyone's support and if you can share the campaign and help me spread the word that would be great!

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing y'all's feed back!



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I look forward to hearing it!

I purchased one of the Galactic givebacks when your campaign first came out. Looking forward to seeing Galactic and meeting you in Cincinnati.

Red Menace

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I'll see if I can kick you a couple bucks. I really enjoyed seeing you on this new season of Tremé playing with Galactic. I was watching with my brother and got all excited told him that was the studio drummer for SSSC.

I'll be in NOLA this year for New Years. Will you be playing anywhere around town where I can go see you?


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Great to hear these News from Stanton - a Jazz Record from him with these great musicians - looking forward to listen to the outcoming result....