My new Gretsch drums


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Beautiful.. LOVE the color.
(I had a yellow drumset..way back in the Im missing it again)




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Wow! I'm glad they were everything you hoped for!
When the sound in your head comes out of something, it's pretty magical.
Have fun!!!



Guys, they just got here this morning! Just been setting them up and i am blown away. Seriously. They are absolutely stunning. Perfect in every way. Shipping went very smoothly, no damage even to the boxes.

And the sound!!!!

I can’t play them much at home, so I’m taking them somewhere where I can have all the time I need playing them. But just a short amount of playing after a quick tuneup and they sound absolutely amazing. The sound I’ve had in my head for over 20 years… it’s coming out of these drums now!

I will have better pictures and video later. But here’s some iPhone photos to tide everyone over. Thanks again for all the interest!

Lol at 49 I think I would still lay down a sleeping bag right underneath and stare upon them from underneath as I slowly drift into a dream state....beautiful....pornographic....gladthey are finally yours. Enjoy, it is a lifetime kit


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Absolutely gorgeous! My wife said they are pretty.

Yellow looks good on drums. It's a weird color on most stuff, but beautiful on drums. Can't wait to hear them.


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Turns out they WERE on my front porch. Glad they got to you safely !
As already mentioned, yellow does look good on a kit.
Have fun, and don't baby them, play the things.


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Wow! Those are amazing. Man, I could just sit and stare at those, like all day. Congrats Larry, I'm super happy for you!