My new Dunnett maple/rosewood monoply!


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Man am I excited. Just got it today. Beautifully crafted and is perfect in every way. Can't wait to actually play it tomorrow.
6.5x14 steambent maple rosewood maple shell with maple re rings
Dunnet R4 strainer and butt
Cold rolled steel hoops
2 badges on the outside!
1 badge inside
Nice ahead Armour bag
I bought his super key, just cause.....
Hand signed, dated and named by the man himself. I'll be sure to report how she sounds but for now, pics!



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Beautiful drum,I have seen a few up close,great workmanship and attention to detail across the board,I know you will enjoy owning that drum.


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Thanks guys! It sounds fantastic. Now matter where I tune it. That hypervent sure does make a difference in the sound. Nice little option to play around with. She's definitely a keeper.


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I own two Dunnetts currently and have owned several in the past. They are, in my opinion, the finest. The attention to detail is second to none. Enjoy your beauty!