My new custom Anchor Drums kit!!!


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So I just checked out their website, and they look like a fantastic company. Great prices, selection, the works. How'd you find working with them drumkid88?
Working with Shawn was nothing but pure happiness. He kept me up to date, knew EXACTLY what I wanted, and didn't mind making adjustments halfway through the process just cause I couldn't make up my mind. the kit itself blows me away every time I hear it. As of now, I have no actual sound clips cause our last album was recorded with my Pearl Session Studio, but I'll put some up as soon as I have some tracks. Here are some more pics for you guys..

ps. YES, that's McLovin in the pic using my kit around two weeks ago..



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Stunning drums, getting lots of attitude from the large grain irregularities. Most companies try to minimize natural variations in the grain and keep them as tiny as possible, giving the drums a wrapped, factory-made-to-perfection ho-hum look. With these, the natural beauty of the wood really shows through and forces you to stare at them.

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nice kit. I checked out their web site and they seem to use a lot of satin style finishes on their kits. Their stuff looks really nice. Price is pretty good too.


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Not 100% sure, but I've heard Anchor Drums are the same company that was known as "Bearing Edge" drums.

They do look the wood badges


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Well, I know I take a while to post on the forum and mostly it's been from the lack of a wifi connection on my desktop, but here she is.. my new baby 24x18, 18x16, 13x9 maple/mahogony/maple in Walnut stain. all feedback is greatly appreciated
I have heard of this company. These are really very good .